Starting the year right!

It has been a good start of the year for me, in terms of movie watching. So far, I have already watched 13 films, and I will be watching one again today! I am actually thinking of “reviewing” the films I watched, but as it turns out, I can’t even regularly update this blog with my travels and eat outs, so how can I even review the films. Anyway, here’s my list so far:

Citizen Kane
Thy Womb (Sa’yong Sinapupunan)
Pitch Perfect
Cabin in the Woods
Some Like It Hot
Singin’ in the Rain
I Love You, Man
Annie Hall
Dr. Strangelove (or how I stopped worrying and loved the bomb)
City Lights
Schindler’s List
Raging Bull

Whew! It’s a weird mix, I know, mixing the classics (one more round of Citizen Kane, anyone) with Filipino “blockbusters” (Sisterakas). I have to say, there’s a reason why movies like Annie Hall achieved its pop culture status, why Charlie Chaplin is considered one of the greatest comedians, and why everybody knows how to sing Singin’ in the Rain. There’s something to be said about each of the movies I watched, I thoroughly enjoyed them all!


December movies

December is almost over, and I watched a good number of movies this month! With only 4 days to go, I have, to date, watched 18 movies! Below is the list:

The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Dead Poet’s Society
Sixteen Candles
American Graffiti
Rurouni Kenshin: Samurai X
Ruby Sparks
Lola Versus
The Hobbit
Garden State
Que Parezca un Accidente
Shaun of the Dead
Big Fish

I still have time to watch more! I can’t wait to get started on the Time 100/ AFI 100 movies!

John Hughes Week

I failed to watch any movie during my vacation (though, I have to say, I caught White Chicks last 30 November on HBO. It does not count though, I’ve watched it before *making my way downtown…*) so this week, I’ll try to watch two movies per day to catch up!

I failed miserably yesterday though, I feel asleep just after the opening credits of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. And as the title of today’s entry suggests, this week will be John Hughes week! I already watched Some Kind Of Wonderful, and last night I watched The Breakfast Club. Other movies I plan to watch are: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Sixteen Candles (4 December) and Pretty in Pink (5 December). I will probably continue with the genre (coming of age, high school) this week, with such other movies like Dead Poets Society, American Graffiti, and Heathers. I will probably update my movie list by week’s end, but I will update the blog about my recent CeBohol vacation.

Movies for today 27 November 2012

Continuing my “at least one movie a day” promise, I will watch Roman Holiday (US, 1953) and Safety not Guaranteed (US, 2012) today. I will be travelling for the next four days so I do not know if I can keep up with the one movie a day thing. Might as well watch two now than catch up on Sunday!

Roman Holiday is #4 in AFI’s top 100 romantic movies, and stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Safety not Guaranteed is rated 94% by Rotten Tomatoes and stars Aubrey Plaza, Mark Duplass and Jake M. Johnson (note: I have no idea who these people are. I think one of them is in New Girl).

One Movie a Day

It’s been a while since I last posted here, I keep forgetting to write and treat this as my journal.

I promised myself that for 2012, I will try to do something new or different every day. It was only last week, just when the year was about to end, when I though of a way to do just that. I will try to watch one movie per day!

I started this new thing on 16 November 2012, and so far, I’ve watched the following:

16 November 2012: El sueno de Valentin (ARG)

19 November 2012: A Single Man (US) and Heroes (ESP)

20 November 2012: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (US) and Amado a Maradona (ESP)

21 November 2012: Some Kind of Wonderful (US)

22 November 2012: Taken 2 (US)

23 November 2012: Brave (US) and The Expendables 2 (US)

24 November 2012: The Dark Knight Rises (US)

25 November 2012: Goodfellas (US)

Today, I will try to watch the 1939 classic, Gone With the Wind (US).

As in all things I have tried, I just hope I can keep this up 🙂

Hyatt’s Market Café

I got DealGrocer vouchers for the Market Café buffet. Market Café is Hyatt Hotel and Casino, located at Pedro Gil corner M.H. del Pilar, Manila. I finally managed to snag a reservation for me and the Parental Units (PU) on Palm Sunday, 1 May 2012.

Hyatt Lobby

From Scrapbook

Hyatt Lobby

From Scrapbook

Hyatt Hotel and Casino is a deluxe 5-star hotel surrounded by attractions such as Intramuros, Luneta, Rizal Parks, Chinatown, Cultural Centre of the Philippines, and the Manila Bay. It has 376 guestrooms and suites, and boasts of several restaurants and lounges and bars: Market Cafe, Li Li, The Fireplace, Pastry Boutique, The Lounge, and Pool Bar. Parking is located at the basement level (100PhP flat rate, validation available). Market Café is at the same floor as the ballrooms, and just an escalator away from the lobby. We arrived at 1100hrs, a full 30 minutes away from our reservation. Nevertheless, we were welcomed at the door of the restaurant by Yssa, who graciously led us to our table. She informed us that the buffet will start at 1130hrs, and closes at 1430, and at that time, they were still preparing for the lunch buffet. She likewise told us that the voucher included bottomless drinks of soda and local beers. We were immediately offered water and drinks, and we simply settled down with the available newspapers. There was also complimentary wifi in the restaurant, so that was a real plus.

I took a look around the buffet stations at around 1120hrs. There was a carving station (roast beef, chicken and lamb); pasta station (tomato and basil sauce, and white sauce); pizza station (2 kinds of pizza); bread and cheese (blue, emmental, cheddar and port sart) and cold cuts; noodle station; dimsum; sushi and sashimi; tempura bar, Indian station; salad; fresh seafood; fruits; cakes and other pastries; and halo-halo station. There was also sea cucumber and other greens (like kailan), but I do not know how to classify them. 😀

Japanese station

From Scrapbook
From Scrapbook

Mini-Tabasco bottles! I’m in heaven!

From Scrapbook
From Scrapbook

The buffet started at 1130hrs. There were not many people in the restaurant, let’s say it was half full at that time, but already the place was abuzz with excitement. PU1 readily attacked the seafood station (as she always does), and PU2 went straight to the greens (as he always does). I went to the cheese station first and got for myself a slice of all the cheeses, some tomatoes with basil, 2 slices of bread and Parma ham. The ham was great, and the cheese standout was Port Salut and Emmental. I then went to the Japanese station, and got everything with salmon on it, and sampled also the red snapper sashimi.

From Scrapbook

Salad station. I skipped this 😀

From Scrapbook

I also sampled the Indian offerings and had some of the buttered chicken (which I think endeavours to be tikka masala), lamb biryani, prawn curry, and patha gobi. The Indian food made me miss New Bombay Restaurant. It was beside the miso soup, so I also got some of that. By this time (already my third trip around), I was already somewhat full. But I still went ahead and got some dimsum (seafood roll, pork siomai, and two others I can not name :))). I also got a can of Kirin Beer from the chiller, and split the same between me and PU2. initially, we agreed that it was just like light beer. After about 20 minutes, we changed our minds and also agreed that it had some substantial alcoholic content 😀 I also had some roast beef with mushroom gravy and ratatouille.

From Scrapbook

To finish  it off, I got a small slice of tres leches cake, macarons, and my all-time favourite dessert, leche flan taken from the halo-halo station. I have to say, the best buffet leche flan goes to Market Café! I loved every bit of it, it was creamy, with just the right level of sweetness.

I did not get to sample everything, it was just too much for one stomach to handle, but all of the food was great. What was especially exceptional was the service. The servers were very attentive, very hospitable, and answered all my questions and catered to all requests (including PU1, who asked for baked oysters, buttered prawns, spinach noodles). Also, they all served with smiles, which is a definite plus. All in all, I was very satisfied with the Market Café buffet, and would definitely want to try it again.

From Scrapbook